Saturday, April 26, 2008


It seems to be a time to finish projects. I usually try to finish projects that have been in the procrastination box the last week of the month, and hopefully this month will be a humdinger for finishing.
I finished:
*a book--World Without End by Ken Follett
*the house--well, not really, it's a continuing project, but it is on the market as of today.
*being a slug--I've started walking regularly again.
and I am planning to finish:
*the pram coat
*the red scarf
*completing requirements for renewing my license
and I don't know what else. I'm sure I'll think of something.
And then comes the fun part--what to start NEXT!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You can dress a monkey in a tuxedo, but. . .

it's still a monkey. Dear Husband said it last night as we were finishing up tiling the kitchen floor. We both came to this realization last night independently, and when I tried to voice my feelings, that is, that we could fix up the house all we wanted, but we have outgrown the neighborhood, and that we cannot change. The shopping won't change, and there will still be the payday loan places and the crappy corner stores with cheap beer and wine for sale. And there will still be beat-up junker cars in people's driveways and unmown and unkempt houses.
When we signed the contracts to put the house on the market last night, it just felt right. Dear Realtor Friend made the process painless and again, we were so thankful for his calmness and his sense of humor and his great knowledge. What a guy.
Now we are in house-selling mode. All that is left to do is to paint the kitchen when the mortar dries. And my sore joints and muscles will be glad to watch the mortar dry till it's time to paint.

Monday, April 21, 2008

On the Needles and In My Mind (or is that Out of My Mind)

I can't find my durn camera cord to download pictures. I've probably packed it away somewhere where I just knew I would find it. Jeez. So I will just go ahead and post and not worry about photos now.

I just couldn't live without my yarn, and dearest husband took me to the storage building and we brought one tub home. I think there is another, smaller, tub, but for now I am thrilled to have me things around me.
Pram Jacket: still requires finishing.
Red Scarf: just need to do the garter stitch edging, about six inches.
Men's Cabled Socks: about two inches on sock #1.
Secret of the Stole--Guinevere: I am about 2/3 of the way through Clue #6.
Lily's polka dot stuff--I've nearly finished three washcloths.
Mystery Shawl: It turns out that it is too big of a mystery for me. I hate being grumpy about this, but there have been numerous changes and advice from too many people and trying to find the correct information has been the biggest mystery of all. I tried three times to start this one off, and just can't get it. I think the biggest problem for me is that it is not LACE KNITTING, but KNITTED LACE. So that means that the stitch pattern is on the right and wrong side, and Lord have mercy, I just don't have the patience or experience for it. I like lace knitting, in that you get to "rest" on the wrong side by doing simple purl stitches.
So I have all this beautiful cream and forest green laceweight and I will definitely be doing some projects out of it. The search for a new pattern has been intriguing, especially trying to find a project that will use the beautiful beads I purchased. I'm thinking about "Kiri" mostly, but a few others as well.
I have been smitten by mittens, too. My favorites on Ravelry are loaded with beautiful mittens. I am torn, though, as I want to knit mittens for my family, but I know if they wash the mittens, they will be ruined if I make them in wool. Wool is so beautiful, though, and acrylic is just so, well, ugh-ly. But practical. I'm thinking of just ordering a skein of each color in Red Heart Sport $1.85 for 165 yards) and then just playing my little heart out. I've also got my eyes on KnitPicks Palette yarn($1.79 for 231 yards). It is fingering, which will require more yarn for each project, but gorgeous colors and it is wool. And comparable in price to the Red Heart Sport.
I've also been going crazy over doilies. Yes, doilies. Now I know I'm old. It feels so funny to be drooling over damn doilies. Never thought it would happen to me. Herbert Niebling. What can I say. I am in love with Egleblad.