Friday, April 11, 2008

Cleaned out my knitting bag and revisited the stash as well. My tiny stash has grown quite a bit!
I have the following on the needles:
Pram Jacket: still requires finishing.
Red Scarf: about 2/3 finished
Men's Cabled Socks: about two inches on sock #1.
Secret of the Stole--Guinevere: I've combined Clue #4 and Clue #5, eliminating four repeats of the middle, so I am very close to finishing Clue #5.
I have the following in the stash:
Lacette: for a beautiful scarf. Bought the yarn at Big Lots for $1.50 a skein, five skeins.
Lion Brand Magic Stripes: for socks, of course.
Fun Fur, in red for another Red Scarf. I think I will run this up on the knitting machine.
Crochet Cotton: for Engeblad, a Herbert Niebling doily.
Six skeins of fingering wool, in graduated shades of purple, which was going to be a gorgeous shawl but a bit of it got eaten by bugs. I trashed that part, and I will shade the yarn and knit it up in Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket.
Various worsted weight skeins: red tweed, sage, gold, red tweed, medium blue, pale gray, which will be worked up in various mittens, hats, scarves, socks.
Cotton worsted: pink, green, blue and white to make Lily some polka dot stuff!
Lace weight merino wool: 1200 yards in green and 1200 yards in white. I will knit this up in the new Mystery Shawl, and use the green for the main part of the shawl and the white for the inner, beaded portion. This project will start mid April and end the end of May. Really looking forward to this.