Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April is here!

Time is just whizzing by; how does that happen? I am just amazed at how time just flies by.
I can't point to a lot of completed objects, although I did paint the master bedroom. And I'm almost finished painting the master bathroom, just an hour or so left in there.
Completing all the projects around the house is getting to be a real pain. Chip seems to be enjoying himself still (and the outside of the house looks great!), but truthfully, I am just totally whipped by the whole thing. I want it to be FINISHED and outta here! OR I wanna be finished with it and stay here. I don't care. I am worried about affording a move and the new payments, and getting enough out of the house to be about to get out from under some of this debt. The brutal truth is that we would be better off financially if we stayed here for another eighteen months, till we get a couple of things paid off. Right now, we have to get $150,000 for the house to make it work. I think we should talk to Will about it now, and Chip is hesitating. I think he is somewhat embarrassed to ask Will, as he has said that he wants to send Will a check for all the help he has given us over the last months in case we don't sell the house. Sigh. It is all just way more complicated than we'd like. Wouldn't it be grand if the house were sold and we were magically transported to our new perfect house?
The pram coat is reknitted, and the collar has been applied, but durn if the collar isn't laying right. Today I'll stop my Michael's and pick up some ribbon to make a little interior facing and see if that won't help it to fold nicely. I'll also pick up some pretty buttons. Then I can make buttonholes and be finished with it.
I'm contemplating picking up the "Secret of the Stole" again. I really WOULD like to complete this project, but haven't felt motivated to do so until now. I will try to pick it up and work on it a little today and see if we have some karma.
As it is April 1st, I feel compelled to begin a new project, something simple that I can knit on mindlessly while reading and watching TV. But now that I am thinking about it, I can work on my Red Scarf. But I do need to keep it for a small purse project.
And, so, I am looking at the yarns I have in my tiny stash at home. I have some pink sportweight for a baby layette, and some old-old-old yarn that I bought as a kit to make a beautiful shawl, an Evelyn Clark design, a skein of grey Woolease that I bought to make some socks, some red eyelash to make another Red Scarf, the new pale blue Lacette, which will be a lovely lace scarf and finally, some Lion Brand Magic Stripes, which will be a pair of socks, and some worsted yarn leftover from the recent Cabled Brim Hat which is now a headband, and the Moderne Baby Blanket.
I "could" start making the April project from Knitter's Almanac, the Mystery Blanket, and use up the knitting worsted leftovers, but that leaves me kind of cold, guess cuz I'm just not very fond of all the colors.
But I think because it is an easy decision, and I don't want to be knitting two lace projects at the same time, I will make the gray socks. They should be a fairly quick and easy project.