Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goals for the rest of this week

Working: Saturday and Sunday. Husband mentioned he might take Friday off. So, hooray, I have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday off! Now if I can just start feeling well. . .
The Pram coat is still staring at me. I do need to try and steam it into submission, but truthfully I need to reknit the sleeves and make them wider at the tops. Sigh.
I am working on the Cabled Brim Hat again. It is not going to be a hat as I just do not have enough yarn for it to be a hat. It will be a headband, and I may not even have enough yarn for the lining. Luckily I have some red tweed Lion Brand yarn and it will make a warm and cute lining.
Andy's tie is finished and I gave it to him. (Got away from me before I could photograph it.) I had a little mishap; it accidentally got into a towel load, hence it got bleached, but it did turn out to be a lovely marigold yellow.
I'm still not quite ready to begin work again on the Secret of the Stole.
Sewing: I do want to work on Chris's quilt a little every day, and I really don't have an excuse, either, now that the projects room is all finished.
Packing: there just isn't a whole lot to pack at this point. I will try to work on that a little this week. The more we move now, the less we will have to move later.
House: Paint ceiling/walls of master bathroom. Refinish master bathroom cabinets. Buy and install new towel rods.
Telephone calls and shopping: take husband shopping for flooring/carpeting. Choose and order. Buy new towel rods for master bath.
Every day: Royal Canadian Air Force. Walk 3 miles. Lift weights OR Pilates x 20 minutes. Meditate at least five minutes. Floss teeth every day. Take vitamins every day. Sleep seven to eight hours in a 24 hour period. Drink water copiously; drink green tea every day.
Follow "I Can Make You Thin" guidelines for this week. 1) Eat when you're hungry. 2) Eat what you want. 3) Eat consciously. 4) Stop when you're full.