Monday, January 7, 2008

Yesterday a lovely day, but I would like to say--"What is up with this weather?" It is January 6, and wow, 74 degrees! The low last night appeared to be 60! : - O It was very windy, though, which made me fear for my darling husband, up on his scaffolding once again, replacing the siding on the front of the house this time. God bless him.
We had a lovely dinner with some of our kids. Dear Daughter was studying for a test and she couldn't make it, but we enjoyed the heck out of our boys and their womenfolk. Darlin' Baby came over for a visit with her Daddy, and she actually even played with me while he held her, but when I held her, she cried. Nuts. She's crawling a few "steps" now, and quite the adorable Miss-Thing.
Young Son's SO and I talked books and movies and houses and I don't remember what else, and she encouraged me to read some of Ken Follett. She is currently reading "World Without End", the sequel to "Pillars of the Earth", both of which are historical fiction, a departure for Follett, who normally writes suspense novels. We also talked about the newest book I'm reading, "One Hundred Years of Solitude", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. She said she absolutely hated it because she couldn't keep up with all the characters. I say you can't go wrong with a Nobel Prize Winner, or an author who wrote a book of the caliber of "In the Time of Cholera".
I was lamenting that I had bought "A Hundred Years of Solitude" at Half Price Books, and the first two pages (and apparently, more) were missing. Young Son suggested I look at google books and see if they had a copy posted. After the kids left, I looked it up, and , well, all I can say is--I had no idea! There are a gazillion books, ENTIRE BOOKS, for the reading. HOW COOL IS THAT? "One Hundred Years of Solitude" has a short preview, enough for me to read the missing pages, and print out the genealogy page that I think will come in handy due to Young Son's SO's complaint of "too many characters to keep up with".
Old Son and wife continue with the "Gettin' a Baby" regime. God bless my DIL, she looks whipped and only a week or so into the plan. The hormones are playing hell with her system all ready. She's being a trooper. I'm proud of my son for stepping up and doing the injections, cheerfully.
I'm still knitting on the Moderne Baby Blanket. I love garter stitch.
On the agenda for today--continuing the prep for the dreaded colonoscopy. So far it's not so bad. It has been proven that I have a slow bowel as the internet says the magnesium citrate takes about 1-1/2 to 4 hours to work. It took about an hour to work on my husband, and about eight hours to work on me. My tummy is also very much flatter than usual. Although I eat well, it is quite apparent that I need to take steps to help my body function optimally. Certainly taking magnesium every day has helped me in the past, and it also helps with the hot flashes, as I found out the last few days, as I discontinued my vitamins so I would not be taking any medicines for a week before the colonoscopy; the hot flashes have been unrelenting and have increased dramatically in duration and intensity and frequency. I think I will add a dose of Metamucil to my regimen, and continue to be good about eating plenty of high fiber foods as soon as I can resume my regular diet.
And speaking of my regular diet, well, I have had a hard time following the bowel prep diet--no raw veggies or fruits, no whole grain foods, no nuts or seeds. I had to go to the grocery and buy some of the stuff I needed, such as broth, fruit juice, cream of wheat, and other low residue items. I've never really done a liquid fast, and it should be quite interesting, as well as an exercise in restraint.