Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12

I'm making an attempt to "get back in the box", a reference to the Slob Sisters method of doing housework. At one time I had little 3x5 file card box with very detailed systems for keeping up with housework, gardening, gifting, and crafting. I then used the Flylady system and dumped the box. I loved the daily emails and constant motivation she provided for many years. I decided recently that my motivation needs to come from within. And I know "the box" works, it certainly has in the past. The coolest thing about "the box" is that I can do it at my own pace, and if something doesn't get done today, I have the option to move it to the next day, with the idea that it will eventually get done. With my crazy work schedule, this is particularly good. No guilt.
I went to the local office store and purchased a bunch of 3x5 cards, tabbed dividers and a card box. Unfortunately, all they had was a ridiculous looking camouflage box, but now that I have it at home, it seems very, um, purposeful. Conducive to work, or war on housework or something.
Yesterday I put the box together, using my all ready printed worksheets, that I've refined over many years (and will continue to refine for our new house) and so

Here is what I have on the cards for today:

WORK--so that means I need to take a lovely nap later today, and iron my uniform.
Then I have my "GOOD THINGS TO DO EVERY DAY": drink tea instead of soda, drink copious amounts of filtered water, eat healthy, lift weights, core work, ride bike, walk dog, garden, knit, sew, read.
Next is my A.M. routine: make coffee, unload and reload dishwasher, check laundry, open blinds, hit the hot spots, prep dinner, make lunch and breakfast, take vitamins and meditate fifteen minutes.
Next is the list of craft for the day: today is sewing day and anti-procrastination day.
Then the cleaning list: today is laundry and mop day.
My cleaning zone this week is entrance, dining, office and coat closet.
Finally is the card with my P.M. routine on it: put out hot spots, empty trash, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, start dishwasher, check menu plan to see if anything needs to be thawed or prepped, clean purse and ready for next day, check calendar (and move cards) for next day's activities, set out clothes for tomorrow, exercise and work, brush and floss teeth and do skin care.

Looking at the list, I want to do the following things today:
find some new meditations on itunes, meditate 15 minutes
hem Hank's blanket
hem jeans and brown slacks (anti-procrastination)
mop until I drop
walk the dog
do a quickie core workout from ondemand
12x12 weights
ride my bike
plant garlic and peas in new bed, weed as needed
have husband try on socks, make foot template
work in cleaning zone for 15-30 minutes
make pizza crust for dinner
iron uniforms (2)(for today and tomorrow)
lovely long lazy nap before work

The cards will stay out as reminders for the things I want to do, with a running list of the things I want to do that are specific to today, such as ironing and the sock work and making pizza crust after the bread is done making in the breadmaker so it will be ready for dinner.

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