Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008--Knitting Day

Here's what is on the cards for me today:

drink tea instead of soda
drink copious amounts of water every day
eat healthy

keep a food journal online--oh, geez, I haven't been doing this!
lift weights
core work
ride bike
walk dog

talk to three people I love today

A.M. Routine

1. make coffee

2. unload dishwasher

3. check laundry

4. open blinds

5. hit the hot spots

6. prep dinner

7. make lunch and breakfast

8. take vitamins

9. meditate fifteen minutes

P.M. Routine

1. put out hot spots
2. Kitchen:

Empty trash

Shine sink

Lay out clean dishcloths

Start dishwasher

Check menu plan and see if anything needs to be thawed, prepped

3. Purse and bag: clean out, ready for next day
4. Check calendar for next days activities
5. Set out clothes for tomorrow: exercise and work
6. Brush and floss teeth/skin care

Weekly: I haven't done Monday's stuff so I am leaving it on here "to do"

Monday: Dust/mirrors/doors/zone

Tuesday: sweep/vacuum/zone

Weekly Craft: Tuesday: Knitting Day

Zone Work: kitchen, pantry, laundry room--so far I have cleaned the pantry today.
As today is Knitting Day, I took pictures of all the projects I have on the needles and some of the things I have finished recently.

First, the Finished Objects:
A sweater for Hank, heavily modified from this pattern:

A little neckwarmer, my own pattern, using a partial skein of a beautiful handpaint:

A pair of snowman mittens:

And a beret, which got away from me before I could photograph it!
And, now for the projects in progress:

Some form of the Elizabethan Jacket, or vest, may change the pattern, well, anyway, it's the inspiration for "something":

The man's socks, from the Lion Brand striped socks pattern, heavily modified by me:

A bunch of fingerless mitts:
Here is one in progress:

And more yarn to make more fingerless mitts--and what a bargain--the yarn was on sale (SWS) for $1.50 a skein. Each skein makes a pair of mitts. And just a few hours to knit each pair.

And Kristen Patay's "Winter Wonder Cloths", of which I have finished one, but plan to make all of them, maybe multiples. They are soooo cute!

Baby Surprise Jacket:

I also updated my Ravelry projects.

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