Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday, November 15

Now that I've been doing this for a few days, I can see some ways to improve. I am going to write down all that I intend to do in the morning and in the evening I will "bold" the things I accomplished during the day.
So here is what is on the 3x5 cards for today:


drink tea instead of soda
drink copious amounts of water every day
eat healthy
keep a food journal online

lift weights
core work
ride bike
walk dog
talk to three people I love today

A.M. Routine
1. make coffee
2. unload dishwasher
3. check laundry
4. open blinds
5. hit the hot spots
6. prep dinner
7. make lunch and breakfast and snacks
8. take vitamins
9. meditate fifteen minutes
10. update blog

P.M. Routine
1. put out hot spots
2. kitchen: Empty trash, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, start dishwasher,
check menu plan and see if anything needs to be thawed, prepped
3. purse and bag: clean out, ready for next day
4. check calendar for next days activities
5. set out clothes for tomorrow: exercise and work
6. brush and floss teeth/skin care
7. update blog

Weekly (Saturday)
clean bedside table, makeup drawer, purse, car (not clean-clean, just pickup trash and put stuff away), run errands, laundry

Weekly Craft


Zone 2: (ongoing) Entrance, coat closet, office, dining room

1. clear off surfaces, put items that are not in their place away
2. straighten one drawer/cabinet at a time
3. clean closet
4. clean cobwebs
5. clean glass, mirrors, light fixtures and windows
6. clean walls, woodwork
7. vacuum whole room
8. damp wipe all geegaws
9. polish furniture
10. clean floor
11. make list of items needed/decorate for the season
Since it is FOOD DAY, I'm focusing not only on the regular food day stuff such as make a menu plan and shop for groceries, but I'm going to focus on improving my nutrition.
I've been meaning to post online everything I eat during the day, ugh. So that will be an ongoing and personal examination which I'll post on "My Best Health" blog. (Did I say ugh? I mean it.)

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