Monday, November 17, 2008

Real Life

Real life is not always getting to do the things you want to do because you have to go to WORK! Yesterday there was not a post because I had a rip-roaring night in NICU, and was too pooped to do anything but go to bed. I slept ALLLL day, and had just enough time to shower before the family came over for dinner. Hubby made the most excellent spaghetti. I just ate and enjoyed my wonderful family, both equally as much, before running off to work. So no, nothing got done around the house. I took care of myself and hubby took care of everything around the house--GASP!--he even did some laundry, bless him!
Last night I was in charge, and oh, it was nice and smoothly quiet the first few hours, but from 10 pm to change of shift, things were VERY busy. I hardly sat down for ten hours. God bless my coworkers for helping out or I never would have finished. As it was it was 830 before I left.
Our youngest son moved to our house this weekend. It's only for a few months while he saves money to buy a house and we are not only glad to have him around but also glad to be able to help him. He is such a sweet and entertaining person to have around. Unfortunately, the house is in a bit of disarray, we'll have to have some kind of a system for organization in the refrigerator; I was quite dismayed when I looked in there this morning. The garage, my cra(P)ft room, the weight room and the guest room are in various stages of chaos. Hopefully we will all work together tonight and get things in order.
After I sleep today, I intend to try to make up for Sunday and also do Monday's chores.

A.M. Routine

1. make coffee

2. unload dishwasher

3. check laundry

4. open blinds

5. hit the hot spots

6. prep dinner

7. make lunch and breakfast

8. take vitamins

9. meditate fifteen minutes

Zone Cleaning:

Zone 3: kitchen, laundry, pantry--cleaned laundry room except floor

Weekly Cleaning:

Sunday: weekly review/paperwork/family/cooking/trash and recyclables--need to decide what "weekly review" means now. Previously it meant that I went through all loose papers and acted on them, made a list of things to do and decided what projects were to be done the coming up week. Hmm.

Monday: Dust/mirrors/doors

Weekly Craft:

Sunday: Family Day

Monday: Scrapbooking Day, Gardening Day--made a 3x5 card for November gardening chores

Yearly Zone:

November/December: guest room, projects room--hopefully new shelves in projects room closet soon

P.M. Routine

1. put out hot spots
2. Kitchen:

Empty trash

Shine sink

Lay out clean dishcloths

Start dishwasher

Check menu plan and see if anything needs to be thawed, prepped

3. Purse and bag: clean out, ready for next day
4. Check calendar for next days activities
5. Set out clothes for tomorrow: exercise and work
6. Brush and floss teeth/skin care

I have bolded the things I will do, and I will update later today.

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