Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just dropping in

Just dropping in to say I'm still here, not very productive, but here. With close to sixty days left in the year, it just feels like a time to recommit and renew. I've spent the last week or so working on my wardrobe, and oh, what fun that has been. I don't have the nerve to start sewing for myself, but I sure have been looking at fabric and patterns.
I did do a lot of thrift shopping, and that was very rewarding. I bought a beautiful gray tweed blazer and a beautiful red wool flannel blazer and a lovely black wool skirt and an equally lovely gray wool pair of pants.
With a couple of crisp white blouses, a white blouse with black and tan stripes, a red cabled V-neck sweater, a green turtleneck sweater, a black crewneck sweater, a cream crewneck sweater, and some jeans, I feel well prepared for shopping trips and going out for dinner.
Of course I have some other things that will fit into the wardrobe, but those are the basics.
I also purchased some shoes to round out and gussy up my new purchases--black patent leather flats with a flat bow on the toe and a pair of heels, also patent leather that are black at the toe and color meld to a gray at the back of the shoe. Perfect.
I still need to find a dressy blouse, but for right now I have a couple of black sweaters with beading that will do.
For accessories I have the basic silver earrings and bracelet, gold necklace and bracelet and earrings and a few pearl necklaces. Which reminds me that I need some pearl earrings. I also have some scarves to dress up with, but can use some more. And a lovely soft shawl or two to keep me warm. And a black trench coat and a black leather jacket and a cream quilted barn coat. Not to miss the blue jean jacket. I want to make a black velvet/silk stole this year (view E).
For casual clothes, I have jeans and sweats and T's and sweaters and boots and walking/work shoes. I'd love to buy some slouchy boots and a long cardigan.

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