Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ugh and yuk and slumped. Really slumped.

My poor daddy is dealing with colon cancer; watching him in post-surgical pain is heartbreaking.
Mom and Dad are moving faster and faster toward an assisted living situation. It's so hard to watch them become less and less independent.
I am just so sad for my parents.

I not only can't move forward on my knitting, I am moving backwards at an alarming speed.
I will start over on my Secret of the Stole III. After seeing some other people's stoles, I realized I made a myriad of mistakes and would not be able to correct it. So I tore out all 47 rows. Waah.
The EZ baby sweater also developed poorly and required tinking of about two inches, all of the lace knitting.

The weather has been cool and windy and rainy, due to Hurricane Gustav, causing various aches and pains and a marked decrease in my exercise routine, which of course is contributing even more to my emotional slump.

Gotta get myself up and moving forward.

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Nautical Knitter said...

I hope you feel better soon. Growing older and watching others do it as well is never easy. Cherish every smile and memory you can make now while you are all here.

Good luck restarting your stole...