Monday, August 18, 2008

The sots-iii (secret of the stole #3) is on hold, waiting for the beads to arrive, but here is what it looks like right now:

In the meantime, I'm knitting a baby sweater, an old, old pattern from a Vogue Knitting Magazine, by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I've knitted this sweater several times, and each time I knit it, I like it more. It's also in one of her books, think it's in Knitter's Almanac.

The kids came over last night, Dear Husband made a brisket on the grill--yum, and I made fresh green beans and cole slaw and jalapeno cheese biscuits.
The green beans I blanched and then stir-fried with bacon grease and some sugar. I held back on the vinegar as I thought some of the group may not like the German style of fixing green beans. The cole slaw I just poured some onion dressing over and it was GOOD! My oldest son has been craving jalapenos, hence the jalapeno cheese biscuits. He is the one that really enjoys his food, and likes to cook more than the other kids. He encourages me to try new recipes. Here's the recipe. I did not use half and half, just low fat milk.

Oh, and for dessert, since I couldn't find enough ripe peaches at the store, I bought frozen, and when they thawed, I sprinkled them with a little sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. And served it on vanilla ice cream. Yum.
This morning I found this in my living room; Lilly left her toy.

My own sweet DIL is getting bigger every day it seems, we all patted and hugged and kissed on "Bump". She's in maternity jeans and looks cute as a button. Sixteen weeks along.
George is waiting patiently.

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