Monday, June 16, 2008

Tired but Thrilled

It's over a week later, and we're finished doing the heavy moving and have everything in place. We are thrilled to be here.

Here is a picture of the two of us, minutes after we closed, in the new house--

During the moving process, my husband would direct the movers to move anything he wasn't sure about to go to the "Crap--I mean Craft Room". The big burly movers would giggle like little girls about it. I didn't realize what was going on until one of them suggested there wasn't any more room in the "craft room". I went and looked, wondering why it was so full, and nearly fell over when I saw how much stuff was dumped in there. After they left, I went to work and moved ten boxes to my husband's office, and another ten or so to the exercise room.
Oh, and due to the television hookups, we switched the locations of the craft and exercise rooms. I was very disappointed at first, but I am well pleased now--I am really enjoying that huge arched window.

Here are some before and after pictures of the "Cra(p)ft Room"(please realize that "after" pictures are just "after" an hour's worth of work; certainly this is a work in process). You can look at a set of pictures at Flickr or click on each photo individually.

The northeast corner is the entrance to the room. In the little oak printer's drawers, I have a lot of paper scrapping supplies, sorted by color and some flat tools such as scissors, tapes and punches. To the left of the door will be my scrapbooking area, current projects, computer, scrapbooking cd's, more tools of the trade and eventually my larger papers. My day to day organizational notebook will also be here.
Before of the northeast corner
(Sorry, picture imbedding isn't working today)
After of northeast corner:

The southeast corner has a simple bookshelf with books and organizational notebooks. The closet is in this corner, too.
Before of southeast corner--
After of southeast corner

The closet is where I am storing my yarn, photos and photo albums. The cowboy boots are some castoffs from an admired friend. They make me smile. On top of the antique sewing base is a picnic basket in which I store some old picture albums.
Before of closet
After of closet

The southwest corner will be my sewing/knitting area. My sewing machine and all the various tools will be stored here as well as my knitting machine and current knitting projects.
Before of southwest corner
After of southwest corner

The northwest corner will have my large format printer and scanner stored here and more scrapbooking/computer stuff.
Before of northwest corner
After of northwest corner

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