Friday, May 2, 2008


We did get a contract, more than we hoped for, and now we wait for all the stuff that needs to be done to make it a sure thing--first the inspection, and then the appraisal (a bit of a worry). I think they want it, and I know for sure I want them to have it. I'm so thrilled I got to meet them. They are wonderful, and they will be perfect for the house.
And we have to be out of the house in 22 days. That's right. Lock, stock and barrel , and if we are lucky, we will be in our new house in that time period.
We looked at houses yesterday, God bless our Dear Realtor Guy, he is such a wonderful man. I had about 25 houses on the list, and although we found the perfect house, the price was a little high, and we think it must have all ready gotten a contract because the agent didn't call back. So we will keep looking.
And I was so durned busy with cleaning and preparing the house for showings, that I have not done the finishing I was planning, nor have I started the mittens. I have made a little progress on the prayer shawl, but had to frog about a hundred times. I was so distracted with all the house stuff, that my mind couldn't land on one thought. I have finished one repeat, and now that I "get" the pattern repeat, I think it should go very quickly.

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