Sunday, February 17, 2008

Projects for this week

I've finished some projects and started some others for knitting and around the house, but right now I just need to organize my time this week.
Working: Sunday, Tuesday, Friday. Sunday we'll have a quick and easy dinner here at the house and otherwise I think my schedule is free. Husband is off work Monday and Tuesday to work on the house.
Knitting: I will finish the Pram Coat, and begin again to work on the Cabled Brim Hat. I will begin Andy's tie and that will be a good purse project. I'm not quite ready to begin work again on the Secret of the Stole.
Sewing: work on Chris's quilt a little every day
Packing: pack up crystal and china from the kitchen, also any other kitchen stuff I can spare. Projects room to be cleared out as much as possible. Empty closet and paint. Little drawers to storage. Pack suitcases with clothes that we don't need now and take them to storage.
House: Paint ceiling of exercise room. Move full bed into exercise room and dress it cute. Iron and hang curtains (re-install rods). Put bedside table and lamp beside bed. Move twin bed into guest room and dress it cute. Remove stickers from ceiling in projects room. Repair and paint walls and ceiling in projects room.
Telephone calls and shopping: order sinktop for master bath, call engineer for foundation repair, get estimates for tile and wood floor in kitchen/breakfast, find out how long a lead time we have for carpet.

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