Monday, February 25, 2008


Got "some" stuff done last week, not nearly as much as I would have liked to due to feeling mostly crappy for the last five days. Not sick enough to go to bed, but sick enough to have serious motivation problems. Headache, a little stuffy, some diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps. No fever. Feeling better today, thank goodness.

So on to organizing my time this week:
Working: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Sunday we'll have a quick and easy dinner here at the house.
Knitting: The Pram Coat--ugh, got the sleeves sewn in and the durn sleeve holes were too big so I tried to ease them in, and it looks totally crappy. And as I have torn the projects room up, getting to the iron and ironing board to do some major steaming to this project is just a total pain the butt. So that is on the list to do this week, and hopefully it will go well, or I will be removing the sleeves, and reknitting them to make them bigger at the top. I haven't begun to work on the Cabled Brim Hat. I DID begin Andy's tie.
Sewing: on hold for painting the projects room.
Packing: packed up quite a bit, and husband to move a bunch of stuff to the storage building. Will continue packing up projects room and miscellaneous kitchen stuff and our clothes closet.
House: Repair and paint walls and ceiling in projects room. Husband has to take down wall-hung desks and remove the shelves from the closet before I can get going on this room. I CAN remove the stickers from the ceiling and paint the ceiling. Hopeful to get the projects room and its closet painted and all stuff that I am not going to pack up replaced in room.
Telephone calls and shopping: call engineer for foundation report, get estimates for tile and wood floor in kitchen/breakfast, find out how long a lead time we have for carpet. Gotta wash the dog and car, and get nails done, too.

Monday: pack, lunch with husband, sleep, work.
Tuesday: sleep, prep and paint ceiling of projects room.
Wednesday: wash car and dog; get nails done. Make telephone calls and run errands as needed. sleep, work.
Thursday: sleep, repair walls of projects room. Work.
Friday: sleep, paint projects room closet walls.
Saturday and Sunday: paint projects room walls and woodwork, including closet woodwork.

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Joufknister said...

I like the way you post your goals! Great way to motivate yourself. How's that Spanish coming along? I've always wanted to learn, tried a couple times, but mostly my Spanish is limited to food items -- lol.