Friday, February 1, 2008

And it WAS a good day--mostly

That is, all except for the optical migraine. It's stress, it's sinus, and it meant that I called sick into work. I felt better after a few hours and got some stuff done around the house-grocery shopping was gnarly, I put on a cap and hid behind the visor--I felt and looked bad.
I just took things a little at a time. I packed a little (four boxes worth) and put things away. I knitted. I watched a good movie. I took a nap. Read my DailyLit. Read for fifteen minutes on the Archaeology learn-a-long. Listened to two Spanish classes. I went through the drawers in my bathroom and my bedside table. I cleared out the scrapbook papers I won't ever use, and went through the pencils and pens bins. I moved boxes and tools so our house looks a little more like a home rather than a warzone. I cooked dinner. I took care of our DIL, who is going through some physical discomforts after the egg retrieval. Gave her shot. Watched a few episodes of the first season of Amazing Race.
And today will be more of the same.

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