Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My love-me-love-me-not affair with garter stitch

Garter stitch--there are miles and miles and miles of it in the Moderne Baby Blanket. It is soothing and most wonderful for the times of your life when you are stressed and you don't have to think about what you are doing--you just knit. But there comes a time when even garter stitch's positive attribute, that of being simple and mindless, garter stitch, becomes just downright boring.
I have approximately 20,000 more stitches to knit in this now endless blanket. Which, according to my figurings, will take me at least another 11 hours to finish. Of course that will have it well done before the baby arrives on February 22, and hopefully it will be in the mama's arms before she delivers.
I have been faithfully working on packing up the house, and painting and generally preparing to put the house on the market. It is stressful and exciting and sad all at the same time. I've nearly cried a few times, as it has become dreadfully plain that we ARE moving from this lovely little house. I love this little house. I just don't love the neighborhood anymore. And I can't take the house with me. All I can do is take the things from the house with me. That will have to be enough. The memories will still be in my head.
I guess having the son and DIL going through their first IVF cycle is not helping my emotional state, either. I feel as if I am holding my breath till Saturday.

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