Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finishing, Continuing, and Reworking

1) the white baby blanket--sewed in the ends
2) the red scarf--sewed in the ends and blocked it

Still in the Finishing Pile, or To Be Continued the Last Week of January:
1)Pram Coat. One of the sleeves needed to be shortened, so I tinked it and reknitted so that it matched the other one. The collar is also finished.
2)Autumn Capelet--sewed in the ends, made a button loop and attached it. Awaiting the button that somehow got in my daughter's purse.

And, now--Current Work!
1)Red Scarf--this will be put back on the needles and in my purse. This needs to be finished and mailed before the end of January
2)Pink and white striped blanket--I will mail this to AKS's college friend for her new baby girl. I'm thinking I might make a little outfit to go with the blanket. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

3)Wonderful Wallaby Jacket--need to remove the hood edging, as it is kind of girly and replace it with a nice denim blue edging.

4)I will begin working on B's baby's Moderne Baby Blanket soon, too. It is due March 18, and I would love to have it ready to give to her for the shower on January 26.

And, hopefully, that is not all for January. I have lots of other things I hope to work on, J's boot socks and A's tie and then, of course, there are the sewing projects. C's quilt has been sitting for several years and he asked about it the other day, so since he still wants it, I might pull it out and actually finish it!

Now I'm off to the grocery store--gotta eat healthy again!

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