Thursday, January 24, 2008

Asleep at the Wheel

Well. I guess I am. How disappointing, I missed the Red Scarf Project for 2008. That's okay. I'll either give away my scarves or wear them myself.
Keeping busy but not getting all I want to finished. It's been kind of a disappointing month for projects. I've been trying to paint the inside of the house, and we have begun the packing process. Which takes more time than is believable. It took me two hours to pack four boxes and it wasn't even my stuff, it was stuff I was packing for DD, who does not have space for it now. But that's okay, because it is stuff she needs to have, someday.
It's been kind of a disappointing month for projects.I truly need to concentrate on getting some things started and completed before the end of the month. I have the following projects on the list for knitting projects:

Originally, I had the following slated for January, but here is the current status for each item:
B's Moderne baby blanket--miles and miles of garter stitch, due February 22
S's baby blanket (pink Baby Bee)--have a pink blanket all ready made, just need to pack it up and give it to Anne to take to the new mom this weekend
J's boot socks (gray Woolease)--this will be put on hold
R's baby item--decided to give her the Wonderful Wallaby, reworked
Red Scarf Project--missed the deadline
secret of the stole--on hold for now

January 24th - 31st:
FIRST GOAL: Go through all fabrics and yarns and make up ziploc bags each with a project in it, pattern, etc.
Which brings me to a project I need to complete--Chris's quilt. I need to pull this out, clean up the sewing machine, and FINISH this!
SECOND GOAL: Set up scanner and printer and my laptop to all sync, get Parallels so I can do my scrapping on my laptop, too. Figure out how to file transfer between my laptop and the desktop.
THIRD GOAL: Host regular monthly events. Learn to Knit, Game Night, Movie Night, Investment Club, etc. I don't even know where to start on this one. Still need to talk to Husband.

Last week of January (27th - 31st)--FINISHING: pram coat, cabled brim hat, autumn capelet

The revised list for January/February is as follows:
B's Moderne baby blanket--miles and miles of garter stitch, due February 22
secret of the stole--pick up when I finish the Moderne Baby Blanket
layette--have a blue blanket, add a hat and booties, possibly a sweater and pants

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