Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Turkey Trot, here I come!

My daughter challenged our family to run the Turkey Trot this year. What great timing for me! I have been battling a mild depression for a couple of months now, and cannot snap myself out of it. I am having a hard time getting enthusiastic about much of anything. I am getting things accomplished, but without the joy I would like to feel.
I know most of it is due to the extra weight I'm carrying around, and not eating as well as I should, and not exercising as consistently and as vigorously as I should.

I decided I am going to do this right and train like I did the last time I was successful, using Body for Life for the eating and weight lifting part and "Marathoning for Mortals" for the running part.

So today I started working out for the Turkey Trot, and my intention is to do the eight miles. I started on the "Walk/Run Half-Marathon" training plan. Today I walked 3 minutes and ran 1 minute, in cycles, for 32 minutes. I was very surprised that I covered about 2.3 miles in that time period. That equates to about 4.5 miles per hour, and I wasn't even pushing at all. I am determined to take it slow and easy, and not get sidelined by injuries. My right hip was talking for the last half, which reminds me I need to pay attention to my stretching and weight training, and start taking the Osteo Biflex again.

I also hung from the chin-up bar twice for about ten seconds each time in "chin-up position", wow, when I think I used to be able to do 3-4 pull-ups, it pains me to see how far I have to go. I did twenty girly push-ups, two sets of the plank for ten seconds each, and one cycle of Ab Boot Camp. (

In the ten weeks I have till the Turkey Trot, I should be able to "walk 3 minutes, run 2 minutes, repeat continuously" for the actual race. My goal is to do it in 64 minutes, which equates eight minute miles. If I'm slower, I'm slower.

Now, off to plan my food for the rest of the day and my cross-training day for tomorrow--both courtesy of Body for Life! (