Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our hospital has chosen the North Texas Food Bank for its charity project this year. We are trying to put together a few baskets to auction off to the employees, and the proceeds will then go to the Food Bank. I have offered to knit a few little things. I had a cute blue and white striped blanket in the stash closet, and I decided to make a pink and white striped blanket, too. I am using some yarn from the stash, some pink baby Homespun and some white boucle. I do love just knitting and purling back and forth, back and forth. It makes such lovely mindless knitting for television watching.
The pram coat has been languishing with only a few inches to complete the knitting part. Then the finishing work, which I don't mind at all. I do love making the seams as pretty as possible, and look forward to easing the collar into the body. The cabled cap is resting in the queue as well.
The Husband and I have been conducting A Grand Search for a new neighborhood to live in. It is time to move on. The House of Blue is a daily reminder of the sadness and we still talk of it nearly daily, and even if we don't talk of it, we think of it. It is a constant reminder of the monstrous violence that happened there. We need to move away, period. We have looked at several neighborhoods, and we have eliminated many, and found some lovely neighborhoods that we didn't even know existed. So far there haven't been any houses that we absolutely were going to regret not buying, for, after all, we still are emotionally attached to "this" house. There hasn't been a house that would be worth the effort it will take to sell this house and buy another. And, yes, that is a huge concern. We are both frightened we will sell this house, uproot ourselves, move all our belongings into a storage facility and rent a place and never be able to find a place to buy that is better than our current house. It's not that this house is so very wonderful, in fact, it has many flaws. But the flaws have diminished in importance, and have become less aggravating, and yes, even charming and lovable as the time has gone by. We realize that we must emotionally detach from this house. We logically know we will find another house, and it will at least be most everything we desire. It's a process, and we're working on it.
But, first, to sell THIS house. And that will take a lot of time and effort. We have to go through all our belongings and pare down before we move. And, not only that, but we need to do some freshening and fixing up of this old house. We've made an Excel sheet with a plan, and we are just slowly working on the plan. The goal is to have the house ready to go on the market by January 1st, sell the house, and move to a rental property with a minimum of belongings. The search for a house will be in earnest at that point and hopefully, we will be in our new digs by the end of the year.