Friday, June 1, 2007

Isn't life just--ODD!

So, per my May 8 post, I did start the cable-edged hat in the tweedy tan yarn. I have been not-so-diligently-or-enthusiastically knitting on the thing. And, pray tell, why not? Wellllll, it is a delightful pattern, it is a beautiful yarn, and I doooo love seeing the cables unfold, but, oh-my-word! The durn thing just unfolds so sloooowly! A repeat of about 20 rows (of less than 30 stitches on each row) takes me nearly thirty minutes, and at this rate, you would think it would have taken me only about six hours to do. But with all the figuring out the graph, working out the gauge, frogging and correcting, it has taken me many times more than that all ready, and I am just now two-thirds of the way through JUST THE BAND! All for a hat!
Unfortunately, this frustration led to some knitting doldrums. I was determined to knit only one thing at a time, and many days I just looked at it and thought, nah, you just lay there on the table, in your corner.

Then, this week, after a few weeks of WANTING to knit, but trying to stay committed to my one project at a time goal, I found myself in a not-so-bad quandary. I had a meeting on Wednesday--a long, five hour meeting of sitting and needing to pay attention, and take the occasional notes, but not a meeting that needed my total and undivided attention of eyes, ears and hands. Besides, if I have a simple knitting project, I don't have to look except at the beginning and end of the row. VOILA! I could start a new project!
I looked at all the projects I "could" start, and they were quickly whittled down to a few--it had to have long rows of knitting or purling, that didn't require me to stop and count rows or stitches for long periods of time, and was a color that didn't command attention. I chose the "Denim" pram coat from a very old issue of KnitNet magazine for these very features, and also because I knew what my gauge would be on the yarn (pale blue) I was going to use. (NatureSpun fingering weight wool)
Now, you would think that at a gauge of 70 stitches per square inch, that this would take me forever to knit, but with all the note-taking, stopping and starting, lunch, discussing, etc., I still finished about 45 square inches!
Which project do you think I'm more motivated to do? Yup. My solution to this is to knit on the pram coat for an hour, and then knit on the hat for an hour. It certainly doesn't make the hat go any faster, in fact, I only gained about four inches on the edging, yup, that's about 12 square inches of knitting, but I gained about 30 square inches on the pram coat.
That's just ODD!