Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Durn! Blast! Or, Wow, Cool!

Today I decided I would look thru all my non-knitting projects that are awaiting to be started/completed, etc. I have two pieces of fabric for shirts for me. I also have at least four other projects to sew of children's clothes, a couple of them to be smocked. These are for future grandchildren, to add to the as-yet-to-be-started "Grandchild Hope Chest". I also looked at the box of quilting fabrics I have. I bet I have enough scraps in there to make a couple of twin-sized quilts. At least. And, of course there are some totally darling fabrics that are just begging to be made up. And I have a couple of Tshirt quilts t make, too! Wow, cool!

I also looked at some "other" yarn in the stash that has been temporarily stored with the fabric stuff because it was for "later", such as the beautiful shawl I began knitting "some" years ago. Suffice to say that I haven't worked on it in quite a while. (Did I say this is the project that made it evident that I am not a lace person?) I pulled it out, thinking, how on earth am I going to pick up accurately where I left off, and as I was stretching it out to look at it, a whole section had just disintegrated off the needles. Oooh, that looks like BUGS! Some sandy stuff fell out of the bag. Uh.......oh. Ensued some frantic cleaning and tossing and running to the outside trash and multiple sealed plastic bags full of possibly contaminated stuff. Durn! Blast!

I think the predominance of the yarn is untouched, just will have to choose a new pattern "someday" (Did I mention I don't like lace?) Durn! Blast! Wow, Cool!

Seriously, I think I could work in all my spare time for the next year in my projects room just doing my sewing/quilting projects. Wow, cool!

Which leads to the quandary of--will my attitude be Durn! Blast! Or, Wow, Cool? Will I succumb to the call of the idiot box and eating myself into Fatdom and doing damned little as I have been for the last few months, or am I going to pull myself out of this funk and pursue a more actively creative and healthful and giving life? I know which one is best for me. So what is keeping me from pursuing it? Me, just me.