Thursday, April 12, 2007

31st anniversary, FO and new on the needles

Tuesday was our 31st wedding anniversary. Chip took the day off and we had a great day just spending time with each other.
We started off the day eating breakfast at Chubby's. Golly moses, it's an "old guy" place, that's for sure. I think we were the youngest people in there besides the waitstaff by about twenty years.
We dropped by Half Price Books, and Chip picked up a few books. Knitting books were abundant, but nothing caught my eye, as I have plenty of reading material for myself.
Then it was on to a drive downtown--how I wish I had taken pictures. We were on a quest to find the building that Johnston Printing used to be located, but, alas, after driving up and down little streets and alleys for twenty minutes, we concluded, sadly indeed, that the building had been torn down.
We decided we might as well make it "Locate the Old Houses Chip's family Lived In Day", but it was more of the same--ALL the houses were GONE! Grandmom's house on Shenandoah had been replaced by a McMansion, Uncle Robert's house on Turtle Creek Blvd. is being replaced by a six million dollar monstrosity, the house that Fallon grew up in on Irving is just a vacant lot, and Aunt Mary Louisa's duplex is now condos.
Disappointed, and more than a little sad, we left the frenetic pace of Highland Park and drove to the comparatively slower pace of Richardson and settled in at the computer for a retirement planning session, which proved to be encouraging as well as a good brain workout. Chip can really work those Excel spreadsheets.
We fell into bed for a recovery nap, and when we woke up, it was time for dinner. We decided on "Boots and Brix" in the Richardson Hotel. The food was superb! We hadan appetizer of summer rolls, and the combination of shrimp, shredded vegetables, cilantro and mint with the dipping sauces was just fantastic! We each had a beef dish--Chip had prime rib and I had beef rondelles with mushrooms and onions, and mashed potatoes.
We came home and watched a movie and hit the hay early--what a great way to spend our anniversary!
Oh, and look at the beautiful two dozen red and yellow rose bouquet Chip sent me:

I finished knitting Lily's sweater, and haven't quite decided what I will do for fasteners. I would like all the fasteners for the jacket, booties and hat to match, but the little bows that I bought look cheesy, so right now I'm in the contemplation phase, and leaning toward knitting or crocheting ties for all of them.

I also started a pair of socks in my continuing determination to knit from my stash. I am using a couple old balls of navy flecked Woolease, with a little bit of brick red flecked Woolease to add a few stripes at the sock tops for interest. I'm using a Lion Brand pattern for the socks, but had to rewrite it a bit due to the gauge I got and to resize for Chip's feet. Here is a link to the pattern: