Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A lil' bit o' this, a lil' bit o' that

And a lotta new! Golly bum, it's been a different world around here--well, some things never change, but it sure has been BUSY and different around the homeplace. I'm still acclimating to night shift and have just decided that I cannot always sleep during the day, that I'm just gonna have to sleep when the need strikes. Glory be that I can!
We had a catastrophic failure of my husband's computer and we ended up buying a Mac for me, which necessitated a major educational process for me AND readjustment for the poor hubby, who very nearly lost all of his files and most importantly, his Ipod stuff. The poor man has been walking around for weeks in a daze, worried that he had lost all his newest music, despite my assurances that it was all "there", just needed to be "found". Thank heaven for the youngest son, our family computer geek, who we are most beholden to for (finally) helping us extract the files from the crashed computer. (The boy IS busy, too!)
I deleted the old posts from the blog, with the intention of starting anew. Besides, I couldn't get the durn old posts to archive NOW.
So, other than learning how to work the Mac, and enjoying the lapability of it, and working, and the usual family stuff, gardening, exercising, and keeping our beloved Boxer boy, George, entertained, walked, fed, and loved-on, I've been doing precious little scrapbooking, and quite a bit of knitting. For those of you who had been following the blog, you know I'd been working hard on using up stash in the name of "Knitting From Your Stash" for the Red Scarf project. I knitted an armful of scarves, and attempted to drum up some interest through our local "orphan" group, to no avail. So I still have a pile of scarves on the desk. Ugh. I DO want to pursue this and DO want to contribute. Just have to figure out HOW to do that. Sigh.
Currently I'm knitting little adorable baby thises and thatses for a new baby that is coming in about five weeks--our "adopted" son's. He is our oldest son's best friend, and has been for, gracious me, could it be, FOURTEEN YEARS? (MUST we continually recognize how OLD I'm getting?) Currently, I have a blanket and a pair of tiny booties and a bonnet completed. But I can't show you as I want the mom (who also happens to be my hairdresser) to be surprised.
Next on the knitting lists, is ummmmmm, I dunno.
Going to go look at the inventory and decide.