Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Checking in, or I've been out of it!

Have I ever been out of it, as far as blogging,that is! It has been nearly two months since I blogged last. And I intend to remedy that. SOOOO much going on in our household, and not enough time to get everything attended to, much less finished.

We're still working on getting the house ready for sale, although we have had a huge reality check as houses are just not selling well now. Many houses are going into foreclosure because people get in the trap of buying another house and are stuck making two payments, so the first one goes back to the bank. We are not going to get stuck in that situation. We will just stay here until we are able to sell it. It may mean that we sell this house and move to a rental property in order to find the next house, but I think it will not be that hard to find the new one. Chip and I spend hours every week checking out houses for sale, and we have a good idea where and what we want to buy and what good house prices are, etc.

Work has been easier, and I guess some of that is that I am feeling more confident, but it's also because I am sleeping better. The doc was right--most of my problems are due to not getting adequate amounts of sleep. And I fought taking the sleeping pills really hard, but they really, really work.

Exercising and lifting weights has gone right down the tubes. I just have not been really doing either one for the past month, due to wacky work schedule and my shoulder injury. Looking back, I really should have gone to an orthopedist or sports injury doctor right away. But trying to be tough outweighed good sense. Up until about a week ago, I was taking ibuprofen at least once a day. Now it just hurts all the time but the pain is manageable. I have range of motion, but a lot of it still hurts. A lot. And the muscles--biceps, triceps, deltoids and scapularis all still hurt and spasm even when I don't move. Sometimes when I am not moving at all, it just feels like my arm is going to dislocate from my shoulder. Going back to the regular doctor this week to have him look at it again and make a new plan of action.

And eating well has certainly not gotten the attention it should due to the holidays. We have certainly been EATING, but not always GOOD. Certainly we've been eating DELICIOUS food!) I cooked dinner for Xmas Eve, and tried my best to do as much organic as I could. We were certainly doing a good job of eating well before the holidays. And we will again, I am sure. I have upped my vitamins, tweaking them a bit. Taking magnesium, selenium and zinc has been a godsend. My poochy tummy just disappeared. Gone. Lovely. And I feel as if I am thinking clearer also, and although I'm not sure exactly why, I think it has a lot to do with sleep and vitamins. Perimenoupause is not all that overwhelming, and again, I think the magnesium especially has been helping with that.

Knitting has taken a lot of my spare time the last few months, partly due to my love affair with Ravelry, and partly just cuz I want to spend time knitting. Everyone got a little something for Xmas in their stocking, a hat or a short scarf. And later today or tomorrow I want to post some new goals for my knitting. I need to refocus and decide what I will do as far as the stash goes. I have been diligently de-stashing, and it feels good, but I just need to decide if I'm going to continue de-stashing, or whether I will move on a bit. I know I have LOTS of command performance knitting to do, and several projects to complete. I have a feeling when all of those things are finished, it will be well into the New Year, and it will only seems logical to continue de-stashing. Particularly because I have enough yarn to keep me busy for at least another year or TWO! (Okay, maybe three, because somehow my stash keeps growing!) Most importantly, knitting gives me a lot of joy these days. I still want to share that joy, and start a knitting group, to teach others how to knit. There is something else to ponder in my "later today or tomorrow" post.

Yesterday, our son was asking us about New Year's Resolutions. His wife and he were talking about the fact that his family made resolutions and her family didn't. So he was "innocently" asking us about resolutions. We talked about it for quite a while. I showed him my half year resolutions and we all resolved to have some really good resolutions to share in the next week. I'm sure I will revise my 2007 Resolutions a bit, but basically, as I said before, they were good then and they're good for now, too.

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