Saturday, October 27, 2007

Knitting Organizing

I have to say I love Ravelry! It is such a great site, and I spend at least an hour there every day, looking, looking, looking. But it lacks a few things that I feel like I need now. Like ORGANIZING. I'm kind of tossing around what I would like at this time. I am thinking I need a hands-on notebook, but I would also like to have an online notebook where I have my yarns in my stash posted with the particulars like on Ravelry, but I would like them to be organized by yarn weight. And I would like to have a wish list of yarn linked to the patterns I would like to use.
I know on, I downloaded sheets that had a lovely format. But after looking at it, I realized that the format just wouldn't work, and it certainly wouldn't be as lovely as Ravelry. AND, Ravelry is online. I fiddled with the queue feature and I think I can make it work, except for the yarn weight problem.
Take a peek!
I may still make a pdf form and have a printable notebook. Especially for Xmas. That is what originally got me going on this organizing-need a notebook thing.

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