Thursday, July 5, 2007

Please stop. . .

RAINING! Enough is enough! Gracious, we have had rain every day for nearly a month now! Officially, we have had ten consecutive days of rain, but at our house it has been much longer than that. The rain gauge says we have had 19.76 inches since we reset it on June 1st, and since our YEARLY rainfall is about 33.7 inches, you can see we've had more than half our usual rainfall in just a little over a month. All the lakes have not only gained the ten feet or so they lost last year during the drought, but they've gained more. A lot more. We're talking flooding in places that don't usually flood. Ever.

And yes, everything is really green and lush, and we have a bumper crop of tomatoes and peppers. But even that has its limits. The peppers are looking waterlogged. Now that would be a first. Things dying in the yard from over watering is just not something we experience here.

I am nearly finished with the knitting of the Pram Coat. I think I will work a few days on the nearly-but-not-quite-abandoned cap, and then get started on those layette sets that I want to provide for the nursery. I really want to get some small projects completed, and continue to hack at the stash. Plus I need some more instant gratification. Baby booties, caps, small sweaters and large gauge blankets are what I had in mind.

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