Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Recent purchases

My wonderful husband "brung" me home some goodies in his pickemup truck yestuhday. We found this delightful dining table during a shopping expedition last Saturday.

It is a lovely solid oak extension dining table. You're seeing the underside because it needs some minor repair work. You can see the not-so-good repair that was done by the previous owner. Chip will make a much better repair from solid oak stock. The table has a beautiful top, about 39" x 60". It has two extensions, each 15", that will make the table 69" x 39". That should easily fit our group, which can number up to eight with all the kids/significant others. I plan on buying a two seater bench to go in the bay window, and two "skinnies" should be able to sit in there. This table will fit into the breakfast room much better than our beautiful 60" round table, which, with a weather-proof cover, will go onto our patio, where it will be much enjoyed and used as well.

My dear husband surprised me with three other goodies--love that man!
Two wonderfully shabby metal chairs, and this darling plant stand:

And George is dutifully watching all:

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