Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knitting Update

Nothing much really to report, at least regarding the Cabled Hat. I just am having a tough time getting back into it. I suppose the reason is that I am really enjoying knitting the Pram Coat, as it is very easy to follow, quite mindless in fact. I have finished the back, sleeves and collar, and I am nearly finished with one front. Not bad, for three weeks of knitting! I hope to have the left front complete today or tomorrow, and finish up the right front during another one of those all-day meetings that I have scheduled for next Monday.
Here is a picture of the Pram Coat, thanks to IK for the picture:
I have started thinking about buttons for this project, so pulled out the "button, etc." storage bin. I came up with a couple of possibilities.

The white buttons are probably what I will end up
using, even though I really like the metal buttons,
they are a bit heavy for the project. Since the
original picture shows some quite similarly sized
metal buttons, I will keep the metal buttons at the
ready. Once the coat is all washed, blocked, sewed
together, then steam blocked, the metal buttons
may be just perfect!

In typical distracted Barbieness, I have begun fingering yarns in anticipation of the "next" project. I am feeling a need to knit some layettes for the newborn nursery where I work. We do have some "walk-ins", and they typically have had little or no prenatal care, and quite often they are illegal immigrants and quite poor, or they are on Medicaid (and quite poor also). I have tons of pink and white and blue washable yarn in the stash, and some cute babyish fabrics to make some simple quilts, too. It will feel good to have a cute layette to give these moms and babies in need.

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