Sunday, May 6, 2007


We had such a great weekend at Grant and Summer's wedding. We flew to Tucson with some of our family and friends and had a really wonderful weekend. The first night we ate at a little Italian restaurant downtown (Enoteca). Very charming. Food good, service abominable, just really inexcusable. Parking was two city blocks away due to a biker convention and folk festival in town. If you go, try to catch them at another not so busy time. You might have a better experience.
We went to Grant and Summer's for a cocktail party; their house is just perfect for two young professionals--homey and chic all at the same time!
Saturday we hung out at the pool for a while with the kids and then a few of us went to the Pima Air and Space Museum:
The guys loved it, and it was fairly interesting for us gals. Lots of planes, helicopters, and a hanger full of NASA artifacts and one for the 390th, a group that flew B-17's in WWII. Pretty cool.
The wedding was fabulous. Grant and Summer did most everything themselves from flowers to cookies to who knows what else. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding! The atmosphere of love and celebration was downright amazing.
Sunday Chip, Andy and I went to Saguaro National Park, just outside of Tucson. I can't begin to tell you how wierd it was to see a saguaro forest. The vegetation was amazing and truly different from anything we had every seen.
At lunch the families had a barbecue, and it was just great visiting with everyone before we left to come home. The flight back seemed to take forever, gosh were we ever glad to get home and see Big George.
Take a peek at some of the pics from the trip:

No knitting to report, too busy this weekend to do much of anything, although I am nearly to the toes on each one of the socks. I was going to start a new project on my birthday, but never could commit. It seems very strange to me that I am knitting on one project at a time.