Friday, May 4, 2007

iT's mY bIrThDaY

Today is my 51st birthday, how 'bout that? I'm sitting here thinking that I should say or do something profound, make new plans for my life, like a list of lofty goals or a renewal of that list of New Year's Resolutions. (Now WHERE IS that list?) And ya know what? I'm not. Not right now, anyway, although for those that know me and are yukking it up now, as I'm a hopeless listmaker and goalsetter, I will be compelled to make that list in, say, the next minute or so.

RIGHT NOW I am just content to be exactly who I am, what I am, where I am, and doing what I am doing at this very moment. And feeling very blessed at that. I'm content to be 51, living in the great and crazy state of Texas in the greatest country in the world, a newborn nursery nurse at a wonderful hospital, in love and married for 31 years to my best friend and the most wonderful husband in the world, with three grown children that I am so very proud of and love fiercely. I'm content with my physical imperfections and aging body, and comfortable with the fact that 12 hour night shifts wear me out, as well they should.

Ahhh, siiiigh, content. And blessed.

I did order a couple of books for myself, both by Alice Starmore. I ordered "Scandinavian Knitwear" and "Sweaters for Men". They may not be the best books in the world, but I just want them.

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